Simulate 2 Educate

Simulate 2 Educate (S2e) works with the education sector, private sector and the health sector, providing cyber safety education, consultancy and specialist advice on the safe use of Digital Communication Technology. We also work alongside Police, Child Youth & Family and Health Professionals delivering education in child protection.

Mission and Philosophy of the S2e Cyber Safety education

Education Sector


We deliver values based Internet Health and Safety Education to Primary, Intermediate and College age students so that they can confidently and ethically use and maximize the potential online technologies affords them. We also deliver professional development workshops for teachers and workshops for parents.

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Private Sector


We work with the private sector providing specialist cyber safety security training and professional development that focuses on protecting and managing the identity asset of the company and its infrastructure.

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Parent Cyber Safety Workshops

Values Based Cyber Safety Education for ages 5 to 18